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  • 06.06.2023
    Inspire360 Integrates Shopify into its Learning Management Platform
    IntroductionIn the ever-evolving landscape of online education and e-commerce, innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve. Inspire360, a leading Learning Management System (LMS), has recently made waves by seamlessly integrating Shopify into its product suite. This integration promises combinin...
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  • 11.07.2022
    How an Advanced LMS Can Help Your Personal Business
    In current times, when so many companies are either choosing to, or being forced to switch to virtual methods of conducting business, the value of a learning management system (LMS) is being realized to a greater degree. This is something that larger businesses typically turn to out of necessity and...
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  • 11.04.2020
    The Importance of Online Course Platforms Being Mobile Friendly
    In this digital age, it seems like just about everyone has a smartphone or a tablet or both. Youd have a harder time finding someone who doesnt have a smartphone or a tablet. Surely, some people are holding strong with their flip phones or their lack of cell phones in general, but these circumstance...
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  • 11.01.2020
    What Separates Online Course Platforms From One Another?
    Offering online training courses is the way of the future and also, the present. With the shift to online learning and remote work, the need for high quality online course platforms is more important than ever. Particularly in the health and fitness industry, were seeing more and more blended learn...
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  • 09.04.2020
    7 Steps to Creating an Online Workshop
    Theres never been a better time to launch your own or your businesss online workshop. More people are looking online to learn and expand their repertoire of certifications. Likewise, its easier than ever to build an online workshop thanks to full-featured learning management system platforms like ...
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  • 09.02.2020
    Online Course Creation Software: What to Know Before Diving In
    Like every good product on the market, creating a popular and profitable online course begins with a great idea. From sharing your expertise and knowledge in your industry to helping individuals and businesses solve a problem, creating an online course gives you the opportunity to serve your custome...
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  • 07.16.2020
    What is a Learning Management System?
    The current global health crisis has shone a spotlight on the crucial role that online learning courses and platforms play around the world, for people from all walks of life. As lockdowns and stay at home orders make it impossible for people to keep up with their daily routines for anything but per...
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  • 04.17.2020
    Online Fitness Certification Structure Tips and Tricks
    With so many certifications being delivered online these days instead of in person, it can be difficult to know how to structure all of the content.Two things to consider when creating an online certification program include:Aim to make the education compelling, just like you would if you were in a ...
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  • 04.09.2020
    How to Create Blended Learning Workshops
    Do you host live workshops? If so, you may want to consider adding an online component to your workshops to streamline your events. To meet workshop and event companies needs, Inspire360 has created a new blended learning Live Workshop Management system that handles all the administrative tasks so s...
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