How to Create Blended Learning Workshops

Combining Live Education with Online Content Has Never Been Easier

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Kelli Pease

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Do you host live workshops? If so, you may want to consider adding an online component to your workshops to streamline your events. To meet workshop and event companies needs, Inspire360 has created a new blended learning Live Workshop Management system that handles all the administrative tasks so students can focus on having a seamless experience both in-person and online.

With a blended learning approach, a student’s experience taking your workshop can now look something like this:

  1. Student purchases the workshop through your custom Inspire360 platform
  2. Student is added to the roster automatically
  3. Student signs liability waiver and completes prep material on your platform before the in-person workshop
  4. Student attends the workshop
  5. Student takes the test (either online or in person)
  6. Student earns a certificate or certification (printed online)
  7. Student gets access to supplemental materials on your platform
  8. Student's certification auto-renews on expiration

As you can see, we call this “blended learning” because students are able to complete portions of the process both online and in person, creating a smooth experience from start to finish.

The Live Workshop Management system also takes on many unwanted tasks that someone on your staff is most likely managing now, creating more time for your team to focus on the education itself. Gone are the days of having to worry about sign-in sheets, printed-out liability waivers, and printed manuals.

Now with Inspire360, you can easily create liability waivers, certificates, roll call, handouts, and prep materials. You can even allow your host facility to set their own dates and locations for upcoming events! You can also provide students with follow-up activities such as course evaluations, reference materials, certificates, and assessments.

If you currently offer live workshops and want to streamline them, shoot us an email so we can see if there’s a fit at