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Delight your students by creating beautiful, inspiring courses with Inspire360.

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The Essentials

All the elements to empower you to create courses that wow your students.


Build branded courses in a snap

The course creation process is as easy as it gets.

Inspire360's all-in-one platform includes standard templates that help you quickly build online courses, track users, create certificates, and so much more.


All the Tools You Need to Sell Your Courses

Students will be able to easily view and purchase your courses.

You'll have the option of selling your courses right away, with Inspire360's built-in e-commerce system, featuring flexible payment options, coupon codes, and international payments. You also have the ability to integrate with your existing e-commerce system.

A Cohesive Experience

Includes all the powerful add-ons that you need to deliver a magical experience

Certification Management System

Expand your education by creating renewable certifications and the continuing education required for their renewals.

Credible certifications go a step further than one-time courses. They certify that the student not only has met the initial requirements but also has continued to stay current in an ever-changing world. Credible certifications require that students prove their ongoing competency through continuing education and Inspire360 handles all of it.


Live Workshop Management System

Incorporate live trainings into your courses with a revolutionary workshop management system that automates a modern, end-to-end blended learning experience.

You and your host facilities will have everything you need to create and sell your live trainings, and set your attendees up for success. Prepare them with pre-session content and liability waivers. And keep the experience alive after the event by providing follow-up activities like assessments, certificates, course evaluations, and reference materials.


Membership Management System

Develop and Sell Certifications and Master Trainer Programs

Passion and programming are huge differentiators between fitness products. The world's best equipment companies develop programming for their equipment and take their product to the next level by certifying professionals in that programming.

Deliver your certification entirely online or create a blended experience by providing the certification exam and supplemental material after your live workshops.

Advanced Features

Customize your learners' experience with dozens of advanced features

Drip Course Content

Create courses and challenges with immediate access or drip content delivered over a period of time.

Multi-Language Support

Add any language with our translations tool.

Recurring Payments

Create recurring memberships, subscriptions, and certifications--and send CEC upsell emails prior to renewals.


Designate prerequisites that students need to complete before enrolling or progressing through learning pathways.

Automated Emails

Send out automated emails to students to keep them engaged.

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